Changes can’t be Controlled

Life has thrown me so many unexpected things. I walked into college thinking I was going to walk out a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I fell upon an amazing relationship that is taking me into the life of an Army girlfriend. And, I am rethinking everywhere I thought my life was going to take me before. All of this has happened in the past year, filled with smiles and tears.

I always thought I could control anything that came my way. But, I have learned more about letting the things that can’t be controlled do as they please and being happy with the outcome no matter what. This is because some things just cannot be controlled. Things that have to happen, will happen in ways you wouldn’t have imagined before it occurred.

As a high strung person, I always had a hard time letting things go when they weren’t going my way. I find myself telling me, “Be happy with the circumstances you are given,” and it helps bunches. It is teaching me to be a more carefree and happy person. I’m beginning to follow my heart where it wants to take me, more than when my mind tells the practical place to go. The practical way isn’t always the best way, and it may not always lead to a road of happiness.

My life goal use to be that I wanted to be successful. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do want to be successful in what I decide to do, but now my goal is to be successful AND happy. Because, what is the point to being successful if it doesn’t bring happiness along with it? Money doesn’t buy happiness, and happiness is what people need to get by with a good and fulfilled life.

In learning that I cannot control everything that comes my way, it has been a huge factor in the way I will choose to live my life, because there are going to be things that come along. Those things are going to either make or break me, and I’d like to choose the latter.

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