Welcome to the Family

For the past 3 years, I have lived with foster children. It has been quite the experience, and quite the battle with my sanity. I went from having 16 years of being an only child in a quiet house, to having screaming children constantly running around the house. They have all been a bunch of heathens, but a bunch of heathens I have come to love having around.

It took a lot of time to get acclimated to having a noisy and child filled environment. However, my parent’s choice to do such a selfless act, to make the lives of the many children who passed through this  house better, is something I greatly respect about them. The acclimation process was by far a journey itself, but just as it taught them to be selfless, it also showed me to be selfless to these children, too.

The last pair of children my parents took in are now here to stay. Although my parents have decided to retire their foster care license, they didn’t do it without taking in two lovely, young boys ages 5 and 2. They are definitely characters, and have both nestled a place in my family’s hearts. As of Saturday the 17th, I am able to officially call them my little brothers. Little brothers who I will get to see grow up in a caring home, with a family that cares for them, and will give them a life they deserve. 



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