Everybody has short term and long term goals, and with time and experience those tend to grow and change with the person themselves. People dream, and people fail. But, on the road to making those dreams a reality there are bumps, and failure tends to happen at some point or another. Some bumps may be bigger than others. Some with throw you off your bike, beat you down, and make you want to quit. Other are very large bumps that just so happen to be hills, that elevate you, and bring you higher and father towards your goals.

High school came so easily to me. I never really tried and I got good grades. I was on the cheer leading team, in AP classes, and still had time to myself to do the other things I wanted to do. It came and went pretty much stress free.

College came around, and that was an entirely different story. I believe because I had it so easy in high school, I took that for granted. As the first semester rolled on by, I struggled a ton in Chemistry, didn’t study a ton, and thought I was too good for tutoring (or more so I was afraid to bring myself to admit I needed tutoring). The struggle started to deter me from what direction I wanted to go in, and then the second semester rolled around. I had a pre-calculus class and an awful professor. But, even with that, I learned from my mistakes the first semester and managed to just barely pass what I thought was the hardest class I had ever taken. This was definitely a step in a better direction, but it still made me begin to think about whether or not the stress was worth it. I began to look into other options. Options I’d enjoy and be happy with. People still asked the question “are you still gonna do this” or “are you still gonna do that,” and as of right now the answer is I don’t know. And that is totally okay. When I tell people who have gone though college, they say the first year is always life changing, and it really opens your eyes up to new things and directions.

Even though there are bumps in the road that throw you off your bike that make you lose you path, it may be necessary to make you realize where exactly you are going. Maybe the path you’ve been on is the path you feel you need to be on, simply because you thought that what you were gonna do something for years. But, then you experience things you have never experienced before and it makes you realize it is okay to change your mind. Even if you haven’t changed it fully. No one should feel as though anything is set in stone, because that is why people have free will. Make your own path, and don’t let anyone try to tell you differently.

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