Be there.

Life is too short to take for granted. One minute, people are here and the next they’re gone. Sometimes it’s expected, other times it’s out of the blue. Either way, it’s always hard.
I want to live a life, experiencing all the greatness in the world. I want to know people from all over, experience culture, and become a worldly person. I want to die, knowing that I lived life to the fullest, and I want people to know that’s what they need to do for themselves too. Everybody deserves to find a way to make themselves the best they can be, in a way they wish to. Because you never know when it will be the last time you have the opportunity to do things how you should, in order to make yourself feel as though you lived a full life. Nobody deserves to feel as to feel as though they need to resort to deep and dark places, they may not be able to come back from. But, in all actuality, there are people who believe and think they know that is the only way to live, drowning in their problems, with no light in sight. It’s very unfortunate, and it leaves grief in their wake. On the other hand, the only thing we, as people who see the goodness and positivity in life, are able to do is hope for those suffering, to be there for them, and hope they find peace one way or another.
For those people who support and try to protect those people in those dark places, I have much respect. To be able to deal with the craziness of people’s lives, and still come out strong and on top of themselves. Even when all their effort seems useless, they aren’t. Things happen, and situations take a turn for the worst, but in the end those support systems have to know they did what they could. They help as much as they can, and sometimes all they can do is be there for someone until the end.
For my grandmother. Who did all she could to help out my aunt in a time of need.

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