As A New Blogger

As a new blogger, one of my biggest concerns is everything has been said before, by different people, in different ways. Being inexperienced at writing publicly is something that is super intimidating, and it’s definitely stepping out of my comfort zone to approach something I’ve never actually done before. So, I’m just going to be taking it one step at a time, writing what comes to mind and my heart. To me, there isn’t anything better than being genuine, so why not put it into my writing?

I’m really not writing for anyone in particular, but if someone, even one person, finds my blogs useful and something they can relate to, then that would make me happy. Even if no one can relate, that’s cool too. It’s something I have decided to dedicate time and effort into, because I will find it helpful in finding my way through the cacophony I call my life. Maybe it’ll evolve into something where I can indirectly give advice to those going through similar things that I go through. Maybe it’ll evolve into something poetic or artful or useful. Or maybe it’ll crash and burn. I’d hope for the latter, but it’s something that will take time to evolve either way, just like most situations.

I do however, want to get my voice out there and grow my writing skills into something great. And this whole blogging thing is suppose to help me be able to do that, along with the help of my potential writing degree I may be working for in the future.

So to my readers: Thank you very much for reading, please share, and help me better myself in the world of writing. Much appreciation to the growing group ๐Ÿ™‚

3 thoughts on “As A New Blogger

  1. Hey there !!! I know loads have been written on different topics in different ways. But don’t worry , becuz what you will express is your POV or perspective. And every individual has a different interpretation. So keep writing ๐Ÿ™‚

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