Life is something that is hard to comprehend. It just is. Quite often, I find myself wondering, thinking, and creating my own list of endless possibilities about what exactly life is. Are we a world inside a snow globe someone shakes up on the occasion to get enjoyment out of? Are we a tiny part in something so much greater than anything people will ever be able to comprehend? Or are we something so simple in comparison to what the rest of life contains? It’s something that is a very scary topic to think about, but curiosity is something that isn’t containable and is so natural, I can’t help but wonder.

Sometimes I wonder if things such as determinism/in-determinism, value, realism, etc. Truly exist, or if it’s all just apart of one big unknown thing. And to me, it is exactly that. A big unknown thing that exists and doesn’t exist all at the same time. Because, just like Schrodinger’s cat, we can’t know what is or isn’t until Pandora’s Box is opened.

We could all be living in the biggest illusion ever created, or we could fall upon the tiniest spec of the universe, so insignificant, the bigger picture wouldn’t even bother with. Either way, as of right now, it is impossible to know. I’m not that person that blindly puts faith into something that may or may not exist. I understand it is in human nature to, but I guess I fall under that weird category that believes anything is possible when it comes to that. I don’t want to believe in one thing for it to be completely wrong and be disappointed that I lived a life believing in something that isn’t true. The lack of belief does make life a scary and intimidating thing. However, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t know and that is totally okay with me. What matters above all else is that I’m happy with the decisions I make, I remain moral, and I live life to the fullest I can.

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