Life is a process from beginning to end. People grow and change within the process to posses the skills and beliefs and attributes they do. From learning how to walk and talk to learning the alphabet and how to count to delving into concepts and culture as an adult. No matter where someone is and who they are or what they do and what they aspire to be, they go through a process called life. 

Life. Where people learn to grow and function in a dysfunctional, yet oddly functional society. Where people learn to survive with what that have and who they’re around. People are constantly aspiring to be better than they already are. For the most part, they all follow that process of going through the motions: going to school, getting a job, getting married, owning a home, and retiring. 

But, what happens when someone or something throws a rock in the path and trips up the process? It’s not impossible to deal with, and it’s certainly not avoidable, but it happens and people just need to continue on with the process of life they were given. Whether or not they want to alter it is completely up to them. For the betterment of themselves, or the fate of themselves, it is completely and utterly their decision to follow the process they were grown to start out on. It is their decision to be happy and content with the way the live it out, and they should make it so being happy and content with themselves is possible. That’s how I wish everyone could live, happy with themselves, and happy with the world around them. No matter where in the world someone is, there’s always a path and process to achieving happiness. And if the world throws a kink in it, there’s always a way around it no matter how stuck one might feel. Everything happens with time, in the whole process we call our lives. 

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