The world is an unstable and irrational thing we live upon. From the weather, to the atmosphere, to the people living here, everything about it is absolutely unpredictable. Some days, we here about events in the news that happen, that are either completely avoidable or are acts of people that contribute to the instability of our world.

However, from all the unpredictability and instability of the world comes goodwill, harmony and community among those impacted by the unfortunate events that occur. When the world is at its worst, it brings people together the most, and the worst brings out the best in people. From all of that, it creates and builds after destruction. Just like after a volcano eruption or forest fire. From the ashes comes new life and growth.

Without a bit of destruction, then there would not be room for new growth, and there wouldn’t be room for a difference. Maybe, if we lived in a perfect would, that wouldn’t matter. But, we do not live in a perfect world. We live in a world where people disagree and argue and believe what they believe is right above all else. And, because of that, people have to grow and change with the environment around them, or else people wouldn’t be able to survive in the world we live in. It would be a static world, where everything stays the same and people never make a difference. Fortunately, people do change. They create the world around them, and are always working to make it a better and friendlier place to live.

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