There are people out there who are so mean and vile, it makes you take a step back and question their humanity. Then, there are people who are so mean and vile, because they don’t like themselves, and they believe they have to beat people down to put themselves on some kind of pedestal. They lack the optimism and opt to be as pessimistic as they possibly can. It leaches into the world around and makes it so others can’t stand to be around them.

No matter how hard I may try, it’s absolutely impossible to avoid these people. The best thing to do is just let them be them, without allowing them to effect myself. But, sometimes it can be really hard to do what is best. Sometimes, it’s best to bite my tongue and move on. It’s also really hard when you watch someone beat down a person you really care about, and then they proceed to try to do the same to you.

Now, I draw a line when someone tries to manipulate me, because that is something I won’t let happen. However, it’s hard to effectively handle the situation, when the person who is doing the manipulating is doing it, because they don’t like them self, or because they simply find joy in doing so. And, the most frustrating thing about those people is, when you tell them to screw off because you’re not getting any joy out of the interaction, they continue to nag at you to get a response. Which is a very mature thing to do, obviously (not). I mention this, because I had someone I know text me and ask me to do something for her, and I had a good reason not to respond right away and not to do what she wanted me to. Then, she proceeded to attempt to harass and manipulate me.

The moral of the story, is even though there are so many pessimistic people in the world, it’s better to walk away and continue on a trail of optimism than to be brought down by people who are the way they are. Since, they don’t believe in themselves or put others down so they can believe in themselves.

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