Some things seem really scary when they’re not something your use to. If it’s not something you experience on a regular basis or even something you’ve never experienced all together, it can be one giant step in your life to do something new. We’ve all been there whether it’s riding your bike for the first time, or going to college for your first time, unfamiliar things are absolutely terrifying yet exciting at the same time.

For me, it’s moving out of my parents house. I’ve always been really comfortable living in my parents house and living off of their expenses (not entirely but enough to splurge here and there). Maybe not necessarily comfortable with how little we get along, but for the most part content. But, independence always beckons for everyone at some point or another, and it is time for me to move out on my own. It’s exciting and absolutely terrifying.

Exciting, because I won’t have to answer to anyone except for my cat. He won’t be asking where I’m going, why I spent the night at my best friend house. My mom won’t get jealous because I told my dad where I’m going and not her. No questions, concerns, nothing. No children running around on the floor above me while I’m trying to sleep (I hope), no shouting parents, and some peace and quiet. Better yet, it’s peace and quiet right by my work and school.

Frightening, because I’m going to be all on my own. I won’t have someone paying for the room over my head, the food that goes in my mouth, or the water I flush down the toilet. It’s all going to be on me. I’m going to have to budget, and learn self control when it comes to using my money wisely.

I can do it though. My parents raised me to be independent, and independent is exactly what I’m going to do, frightening or not.

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