People wait most of their lives. From the time their born to the time they perish. Waiting to be born, waiting to walk and talk, waiting to graduate high school, then college. Waiting to start their career and once they’ve started that, they wait to retire. What’s after that? Waiting to sit around and do nothing until the end?

They spend their lives waiting, watching the time go by. While time goes on, swiftly and endlessly, they age and grow with it. Whether effortlessly or filled with pronounced and endless effort to get to where they want to go. Blind to the future coming towards them, quicker and quicker as life streams on by.

Waiting the for the train to come and when it does, watching it go by the other travelers. Feeling the weight of its force as it speeds past. Hearing it shudder to a halt as it takes them to their destination.

Waiting patiently to go from one place to another, almost mindlessly as tasks turn into routine and the clocks turn time into habit. They constantly run on a clock, doing one thing after another, time after time, day after day, year after year. Tweaking their lives ever so slightly as they age and grow with time.

All this waiting, but for what? To return back to the earth from whence one came? To wait for what only one can guess? Or maybe to hope and be disappointed? Which ever way we end, we all wait and watch the time go by. Whether or not we enjoy it or waste it is completely up to each individual.

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