Care for Yourself

People get so busy looking for approval from others that they don’t seek to be happy with themselves for who they are. There’s a line between making the others around you happy and making yourself happy. A world where you seek to please everyone around yourself, is a world where you will begin to completely…… Continue reading Care for Yourself

Be there.

Life is too short to take for granted. One minute, people are here and the next they’re gone. Sometimes it’s expected, other times it’s out of the blue. Either way, it’s always hard. I want to live a life, experiencing all the greatness in the world. I want to know people from all over, experience…… Continue reading Be there.

Changes can’t be Controlled

Life has thrown me so many unexpected things. I walked into college thinking I was going to walk out a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I fell upon an amazing relationship that is taking me into the life of an Army girlfriend. And, I am rethinking everywhere I thought…… Continue reading Changes can’t be Controlled